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About Project

What is Project Picoballoon ?

Project Picoballoon is an international research effort that enables students of all ages to collectively work and develop technologies and methods to research atmospheric behavior and learn how to cooperate in a large team.

Technology behind Picoballoon

Picoballoon is an ultralight stratospheric probe, which is very cost-effective, can survive extreme conditions, fly for very long periods, and collect atmospheric data.



After developing more than 10 probe generations, our current probe weighs just 5 grams. Despite this small mass, our probes can collect more than 10 different scientific data points, perform complex data processing onboard and transmit their data for distances of hundreds of kilometers. Powered by solar power combined with supercapacitors, their lifetime reaches years.



Our balloons are made out of very durable materials. This means that they do not burst after reaching their target altitude, as standard weather balloons do. After reaching their floating altitude (around 13 km / 40000 ft), the balloons continue to fly for weeks or even months. This way, they can fly around the planet multiple times!


Introduction Video

Picoballoon Documentary

We have recently filmed a short documentary video explaining some basic concepts of our project. It shows the development lifecycle, of our probes, going through design, manufacturing, testing, launch preparation, launch, and data analysis. You will also get a closer look at the students working on Project Picoballoon as well as our work ethic.

Our online tools

We not only develop our hardware, but we also develop a wide range of software tools and utilities. You can see and visit a part of our most important online tools below.



Data visualization


Recovery System



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